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“EPIC is that which surpasses the usual; it goes beyond the ordinary, beyond what is considered the usual scope of life. Unusually great, a heroic and impressive-in-quality personage.” Dr Shawn SMITH

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  • In Christ we have all been made ministers of the Gospel...
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  • The purpose of God revealed in your practices...
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Music & Passions

·        Art is a mean to express oneself and to communicate to others

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Health and Wellbeing

Ignorance is for the most part, the cause of health and well-being ills experienced by young people

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Workshop for the young and the world
 Life is about relationships: relationships with family, relationships with friends, relationships with the opposite sex, and relationships with society in general. Knowing how to develop and maintain quality relationships, how to live in society, how to behave in the face of conflict situations, how to manage one's material resources, are important aspects that over time have lost value in young circles. This workshop aims to highlight:
·        Awakening to the notions of civic education: adopting and practicing civic behavior everywhere in society
·        Life in society: the rules of politeness and kindness, respect, humility, self-discipline,
·     Family life: maintaining and maintaining healthy relationships. Knowing how to behave in conflict situations
·        Know how to manage resources: money and ethics, learn how to develop a budget,


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EPIC Conference 2016 - 2nd edition

Academic orientation

  • The importance of spiritual training for future career...
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Beauty in Christ

  • Mode and beauty, an opportunity to portray Christ...
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Praise & worship

  • The benefits of Christian music to our spirit, soul and body...
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