Our Vision

With regard to the excesses of the current system of the world, the EPIC Conference would like to contribute to the change of mentalities and false paradigms in young circles, by the revelation of their true identity in Christ, in order to bring about a constructive, a progressive and a prosperous change in the world.
The EPIC Conference would like to contribute in building a conscious generation of mature sons and daughters who are able to take the realms and to gloriously impact their world, in their different spheres of influence.


Our objectives

The EPIC Conference is a platform which main objectives are to:
  • - Raise an awareness for effective and prosperous change
  • - Provide a sure added value in order to optimize, increase and develop the assets, the knowledge, and the values
  • - Exceed the barriers and bring a new breath, a light, a hope for a different world


Our Mission

Through its various activities and programs organized several times over the course of a year, the EPIC Conference aims to:
• Train and educate young people in various fields of knowledge,
• Inform young people with precision, through different workshops, to guide them in their choices and strategic decisions for the future,
• Awake consciences in order to develop talents, passions and aptitudes,
  • Reveal the nature of authenticity, originality, creativity, singularity hidden in each man and that sometimes just needs to be discovered.

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