“EPIC is that which surpasses the usual; it goes beyond the ordinary, beyond what is considered the usual scope of life.

Unusually great, a heroic and impressive-in-quality personage.” Dr Shawn SMITH


Current abuses increasingly criticized in schools and youth circles such as the abuse of alcohol and drugs, prostitution, delinquency, addictions to illegal practices, the development of a mentality of mediocrity, to mention that these, in fact, are the result of a deep problem which is that of the identity crisis.
The permanent search for an identity, the uncertainty of a secure and prosperous future, the ignorance of the divine plan and destiny to which all men are called, the social, environmental, psychological and economic factors that very often are decisive aspects in the evolution, development and emancipation of young people in society and in their different spheres of influence; are all factors that lead young people to put on and live under a false identity, leading them to negatively impact their conscience, their life and their world.
The EPIC (Eternal purpose in Christ) Conference is a branch of the non-profit social organization A NEW WORLD ALL TOGETHER (www.neworldaltogether.org), founded by Dr. Shawn and Dr. Annie Smith and specifically address to young people in their various spheres of influence.
Since 2014, the EPIC Conference has been a platform for the gathering of young people from all backgrounds, races, social backgrounds and religious backgrounds, with the aim of bringing them to the revelation of what is the root and source of their everyday life experiences: the awareness of their true identity in Christ. Because the greatest of all the sciences is to know oneself, it is to know who we are, it is to know the purpose for which we are there, and it is to know the role that we must play in each of the aspects and at each stage of our life.
Through its edification sessions, educational workshops, learning, training, coaching, and entertainment, many young people can testify today about the impact they have received and who has led them to a change of mentality and a transformation of total life, in their respective milieu.

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